Jubilee Cake & Creative Studio Gift Cards

Jubilee Cake & Creative Studio gift cards are the perfect way to celebrate a birthday, graduation, or any special occasion.

Give the perfect gift card.

Give the gift of creativity with a Jubilee Cake & Creative Studio gift card.

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Physical Gift Cards
Gift Cards

Physical gift cards can only be purchased at Jubilee Cake & Creative Studio.

E-Gift Cards
E-Gift Cards

Your digital gift card will be emailed to you and can be used in-store and online immediately.

Gift Cards and E-Gift Cards are available in amounts of $5 and up. Please keep in mind that gift cards used for online purchases (workshops, parties, etc) must have a total balance equal to or greater than what you're purchasing. For example, if you're wanting to register for a workshop that is $35, your gift card must have a remaining balance of $35 or more on it. For purchases made in-store, we can use a gift card of any value to pay — or partially pay — for your purchase.